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Military Brats: Legacies of Childhood Inside the Fortress
A startling, groundbreaking exploration, Military Brats is the first book to identify a cultural group--children of the military--that had been completely below the societal radar. Based on five years of research, including in-depth interviews with eighty military brats from all the armed services as well as physicians, teachers, psychologists, social workers, and others, this book finds the patterns that link all military children to a common cultural identity.

Growing Up Military
Did you grow up in the Military? Do you have trouble answering the question "where are you from?" "Every Brat Has a Story" has been the theme of the Military Brats Registry since 1997. Members have submitted hundreds of amazing stories about their unusual lifestyle as military dependents growing up around the world. This book is a compilation of many of those stories to further our goal of preserving the culture and history of "Miitary Brats"

The Great Santini
Step into the powerhouse life of Bull Meecham. He?s all Marine?fighter pilot, king of the clouds, and absolute ruler of his family. Lillian is his wife?beautiful, southern-bred, with a core of velvet steel. Without her cool head, her kids would be in real trouble. Ben is the oldest, a born athlete whose best never satisfies the big man. Ben?s got to stand up, even fight back, against a father who doesn?t give in?not to his men, not to his wife, and certainly not to his son. Bull Meecham is undoubtedly Pat Conroy?s most explosive character?a man you should hate, but a man you will love.

The Yokota Officers Club
After a year away at college, military brat Bernadette Root has come ?home? to Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan, to spend the summer with her bizarre yet comforting clan. Ruled by a strict, regimented Air Force Major father, but grounded in their mother?s particular brand of humor, Bernie?s family was destined for military greatness during the glory days of the mid-?50s. But in Base life, where an unkempt lawn is cause for reassignment, one fateful misstep changed the Roots? world forever. Yet the family?s silence cannot keep the wounds of the past from reemerging . . . nor can the memory fade of beloved Fumiko, the family?s former maid, whose name is now verboten. And the secrets long ago covered up in classic military style?through elimination and denial?are now forcing their way to the surface for a return engagement.

Waiting Wives
In 1964, as the first B-52s took flight in what would become America's longest combat mission, an old Air Force base on the plains of Kansas became Schilling Manor -- the only base ever to be set aside for the wives and children of soldiers assigned to Vietnam. Author Donna Moreau was the daughter of one such waiting wife, and here she writes of growing up at a time when The Flintstones were interrupted with news of firefights, fraggings, and protests, when the evening news announced death tolls along with the weather forecasts. The women and children of Schilling Manor fought on the emotional front of the war. It was not a front composed of battle plans and bullets. Their enemies were fear, loneliness, lack of information, and the slow tick of time.

Above the East China Sea
Okinawa, present day: Luz, a teenage military brat, has moved to the island?s U.S. Air Force base with her mother, a no-nonsense sergeant. Luz?s mother hopes that the move will reconnect them with the Okinawan branch of their family?and help them heal from the death of Luz?s beloved older sister. This is an island where departed spirits mingle with the living, and interwoven with Luz?s narrative is the story of an Okinawan girl, Tamiko Kokuba, who in 1945 was plucked from her high school and trained to work in the Imperial Army?s horrific cave hospitals. Both of these extraordinary young women are seeking peace, and as Luz digs deeper and deeper into her past, their quests will intersect. Above the East China Sea tells the entwined stories of two lives connected across time by the shared experience of loss, the strength of an ancient culture, and the power of family love.

Army Brats (a novel)
The Bailey kids' mom has just been assigned to Fort Patrick, and it'll be the family's first time living on an army base! Tom, Charlotte, and Rosie get to make new friends, explore the neighborhood, and cool off in the huge pool. Unfortunately, they also have to deal with the base bully, who seems determined to make Tom's life completely miserable by telling everyone he's a wimp. When the Baileys discover a mystery on base--an abandoned building long rumored to be haunted--they know that this is the way to show the world how brave Tom truly is. But when they go to investigate, they find there's more to the house than some old rumors. What is that weird equipment? And who is that suspicious man sneaking around inside?

Child of the Blue
In Child of the Blue, L. Diane Ryan serves up a feast of amazing memories drawn from the happy chaos of her childhood growing up in an Air Force family. She writes with humor and passion about her adventures in far flung places with extraordinary people. But the book examines things far beyond a simple retelling of a family?s wide military travel. Ryan writes wistfully about the simpler times of her baby boomer youth and the marvelous adventures of her ?free range? childhood. She talks of ?family? in its many forms and the challenges and triumphs faced over the course of many moves over many years. She brings each place into clear focus and offers insights on the ever-changing times. This is a joyful book that celebrates those places, the times she lived through and the people in her life on her path to maturity. In extolling the unexpected virtues of military family life, she honors and pays tribute to her loving, often raucous, and remarkably resilient family.

Base Jumping: The Vagabond Life of a Military Brat
Swimming in the mortar-riddled shallows of the East China Sea. Jumping off bridges into the barracuda-infested waters of the Florida Straits. Trudging through a fresh snowfall in the pristine silence of a New England forest. Hunting the elusive pheasant in the frigid, windswept plains of Illinois. Trying to stay out of trouble while experiencing great adventures with my brother while Mom was busy caring for the younger children and Dad was off fighting the great fight. Always being the new kid in school. Above all, watching each others? backs and sticking together as a cohesive family unit?us against the world.

Growing Up in Khaki
Growing Up in Khaki' is a comedy about life growing up surrounded by the US Army. It is a 'Wonder Years' for service brat, set in the 50's, 60's and 70's. Across the country and across the ocean, it is a series of comedic misadventures in the life of a 'military brat', but you don't have to be a 'brat' to enjoy the stories, as anyone who laughed along with 'MASH' or 'Catch-22' can attest.

Children of American Military Speak Out

Air Force Brat
Memoir of the three years spent in Europe in the mid-sixties as a military dependent.

Cold War Memories: A Retrospective on Living in Berlin
What do you think of when you hear the words Cold War? Iron Curtain? Berlin Wall? Have you ever thought about what it was like to be an American teen living behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War? Can you imagine what it was like to be a teenager attending a US military high school in a Communist country? The authors spent four years collecting and then compiling stories from Americans who lived in Berlin from the post-war period until a few years after the reunification of Germany (1946-1994). This book chronicles that unique history of those who refer to themselves as Berlin Brats.

American Nomad
The late 1950s defined America for a post-war generation. Tract housing was devouring farmland, and rock and roll music was dividing the generations. Disneyland, transistor radios, automobiles and televisions were molding a new American culture, and highways like Route 66 were transforming the country into a nomadic society.

Soldiering On - Finding My Homes
"Some military brats rode camels in Arabia . . . others leaped from parachute training towers . . . but this little army brat rode backwards in the rear ?jump-seat? of the family station wagon all the way across America . . . without a seatbelt! Christine Kriha Kastner grew up the only way she knew?on military bases stateside and around the world. By the time she turned in her military I.D. card, when her father retired from the U.S. Army, she had lived in fifteen different houses and attended ten different schools. Situation normal for an army brat.

Looking for the Maneki-Neko Love Hotel
Japan has long been known as the Land of the Rising Sun, but it is now better known as the Land of Cat-Cafes, Green-Tea Matcha Lattes, Love-Hotels and Orion Beer! Together, Don and Christine Kastner traveled to Japan to attend the 5th Uchinanchu Festival on the small Pacific island of Okinawa, where Chris once lived as a teenager in the 1960s with her U.S. Army father and family. The sound of choppers hovering overhead . . . takes me back to my childhood. I grew up hearing them in the background . . . or coming in for a landing. It was a comforting background sound?along with the roar of jets streaking through the skies. I was a military brat.

Army Brat, Army Bride, Civilian
Army Brat, Army Bride, Civilian: A Life reveals the ups and downs of military living through the experiences of one who was both a sergeant's daughter and an officer's wife. The military teaches many lessons but not how to transition to civilian life after more than thirty years of moving around in the Army, including attending five different high schools as a teenager. While in the Army, families learn to adapt to renting or buying an apartment or house in town or to being assigned a set of Army quarters on a military post. If in quarters, they must not paint walls or install carpet or leave holes in walls where pictures used to hang. Although the Army is a highly structured organization, flexibility is a key word for its families. Dealing with snafus, making decisions which seem right at the time but turn out to be trumped by the demands of the military, adjusting to new places, and making new friends every two to three years are all part of living the military life. Yet the adventure and excitement of this life are evident throughout.

Jane Sullivan, Army Brat
Being a part of a Military family, Jayne Sullivan is quiet, shy and always follows the rules. Well, almost always. One day, Jayne decides to take matters into her own hands. On an unfamiliar Army base in the Alabama summer heat, she finds herself lost, confused and ill. A heart-warming story of a child and how military life aff ects her and those she loves.

It Grows a Lovely Light
A 'possibly-too-close' family becomes completely unsprung. Stunned and grief-stricken, the children move into their aunt's decrepit boarding house overlooking the city of Pittsburgh - a city still reeling from the loss of its great steel industry. But tragedy threatens from several directions, and their newly-built family must pull together in order to save what they can from disaster yet again.

Saigon Kids
The early Vietnam war years through the eyes of a U.S. military brat: In May of 1962, Naval Chief Petty Officer Bryant Arbuckle flew to Saigon to establish a new Armed Forces Radio Station(AFRS). Next to follow were his wife and three boys, Leslie among them. Saigon Kids is the candid, recondite slice of fourteen-year-old military brat Les Arbuckle's experience at the American Community School (ACS) during the critical months of the Vietnam War when events would, quite literally, ignite in downtown Saigon. In 1963, Saigon was beautiful, violent, and dirty - and the most exciting place a fourteen-year-old American boy could live. Saigon offered a rich array of activities, and much to the consternation of their parents and teachers, Les and his fellow military brats explored the dangers with reckless abandon running from machine gun fire, watching a Buddhist monk burn to death, visiting brothels late at night or, trading currency on the black market

The Italian Lesson
What is a brat? In the context of the military, being a brat is a dependent child of a member of the Armed Forces. It is used to describe the vagabond lifestyle that develops from the traveling from one military base to another, and constant pressure being the son or daughter of a military person. The Italian Lesson is a unique look at a brat in a time when America was fighting the Cold War (1953-1977). It is collection of accounts, stories,and essays drawn from the life of a family living overseas and working for the United States Armed Forces. It is a history of the Medders family from the viewpoint of the author, Kim Medders, an Über brat, as he describes in detail his life growing up on U.S. military bases in Europe and in Ethiopia. Kim's adventures in the Italian Lesson continue on as he leaves Europe to join the United States Navy. Living the in military was not easy growing up, but it is definitely interesting. This book is full of humor and heartbreak and adventure as it visits a world and a lifestyle that will soon be gone. It is ultimately a tribute to Kim?s father Jimmie Medders, who set out to lay the world at his mother Barbara?s feet and live an extraordinary life.

The First Book of Why
"Everyone, as they grow older, whether they admit it or not, starts to reflect back on their life. Three pages of single-spaced typing I had written for my children, or perhaps for myself, is how this all started." So begins a narrative that traces the path of a military brat who would grow up to be tapped for a position as an agency operative in addition to growing his skills in architecture, real estate, and more. After growing up in close proximity to the unfolding events of the Cold War, Williamson found himself operating on behalf of a clandestine agency while managing a growing career, a growing family, and aging parents.

BRAT and the Kids of Warriors
Brat and the Kids of Warriors is the first in a series of novels about the military brats. Jack McMasters and his sisters, perfect Queenie and out-of-control Rabbit, are military brats creating adventures wherever they go. But their dad s new assignment to Cooke Barracks, in West Germany, means leaving behind every friend they have. Again. But the seven-day voyage to Germany (Objective: Explore everywhere marked Off Limits on their U.S. Navy troop-transport ship) is better than any holiday cruise.

9 Rules of Engagement: A Military Brat's Guide to Life and Success
The Emmy award-winning news anchor of Outnumbered Overtime with Harris Faulkner and co-host of the talk show Outnumbered shares the lessons she learned growing up in a military family paying homage to the military ideals that shaped her and showing how everyone can benefit from bringing the wisdom of military service into their lives.

Too Skinny to Float
Too Skinny to Float is a story about a young girls journey through the yearnings and pitfalls of the human soul. Wrapped inside a poignant first-love story of lies, betrayal, and consequences.Like To Kill a Mockingbirds Scout, Lanie penetrates the intrigue and deceptions of the adult world in her quest for love, meaning, and direction in her life. It's a coming of age novel which chronicles military brat/family experiences during the Vietnam War era.

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