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"Military-Brats.Com Email"

is for those who have supported the Military-Brats Registry by purchasing a personalized email address (ie: If you have not done so, you can not login to this section....however, there is no obligation to do so in order to send or receive messages to or from your friends. If someone wants to send you a message, it will go directly to your current email address, assuming you entered it correctly when you registered.

If you would like to purchase a personalized email address to help support the free services for all, go to the "Military Brats Registry Online Store." They're only $10.00 per year, and for a lifetime subscription enter "5" for the quantity and never pay again! Be sure to also check the Brat Store for Special Offers on E-Mail and other items.

If you already have purchased a address, Click Here to login

If you already have purchased a address, Click Here to login



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