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The Official Military Brat Flower

The Dandelion

She will blow and blow
But will never know
Where the little dandelion will go
Where the little dandelion will grow.
The wind takes it high
The wind takes it low
But still she will never know
Where the little dandelion will go
Where the little dandelion will grow.
By, Chelsea

"Children of the world, blown to all corners of the world, we bloom anywhere!"

Logo Designed by Mari Kay Everitt...Motto by Diane Townsend Davis

The History of the Dandelion as the "Official Military Brat Flower"

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The Following Discussion Occurred on the Newsgroup "alt.culture.military-brats"

  • As the cook in our family, and (modestly) the intellectual (okay, semi-intellectual) I naturally read whatever John horne <http:\\>writes. John, an army brat escaped to Maine, where he writes books about cooking and food (Outlaw Cook, Simple Cooking, Serious Pig) and issues a newsletter which mixes eating and cooking with thinking and life in general, not unlike the genre of M.F.K. Fischer (wonderful writer, though not a brat) mixed in with a bit of Prairie Home Companion. In his most recent newsletter, he writes, in the context of "a meditation on the interconnection between hunger and character and the unexpected ways in which this can be passed from father and son," as follows...

    "All this [ie, his parents becoming rooted after his dad retires] was
    alien to me. Unlike them, I had grown up an army brat, moving somewhere new every few years, my roots floating in hydroponic solution. As an adult, it's only during those rare times that I happen onto an army base that I feel, and then with great ambivalence, that burst of recognition - half pang, half joy - that one feels before a long relinquished childhood home."

    I like the notion of hydroponic roots, don't you? Whatever the official plant of the Military Brats Newsgroup might be (Wandering Jew leaps to mind) it is certainly grown hydroponically. Harmon

  • Apropos of something or other: During the recent discussion about an official Saint of Brats, the Flying Dutchman kept coming to my mind. I never mentioned the fable because who knows if he was a Brat or not. Now comes an official plant. Maybe the Dutchman wasn't a plant but he certainly had to keep traveling. Another plant to consider might be the Hydrilla (?). Its appreciated in some places, roundly cursed in others, and is certainly migrating around the world. Bill Van Houten (USA Ret)

    • How about the dandelion? The plant puts down roots almost anywhere. It is almost impossible to get rid off. It is entirely useable except for the little puffball thingy. An unpretentious plant, yet good looking (except for the habit of being where you least expect it.) It's a survivor in a broad range of climates. And even where those who are so inclined would apply poisons, they have to do it one plant at a time season after season. This just illustrates my motto which is "bloom where you're planted" Anne

  • Hey! Those puffballs are useful. They're for making wishes on. Wishes are very important things, like thoughts and dreams they're hard to take away from a person, but once you do that person is pretty well crush - you might as well have dropped a piano on them. Katie

    • BTW, the puffball thingies are also useable. They can amuse small children. Harmon

  • Yes! You can learn something new. I had never imagined that the seed balls of dandelions could be useful. I have played with the darned things myself. I have watched my children play with the things. It just plain never dawned on me that that was a useful function. The kids and myself had a blast too! And using them for wishing! I was stuck in the days when it took a daisy or some other such petalled flower to do that. Remember? "She loves me, she loves me not?" This one is still current. I caught my son pulling petals when he was eight. The little girl down the street was doing the same thing. Petal flowers are good for love prediction, but the dandelion wish is unlimited- any subject will work! Mari Kay

  • Dandelion gets my vote! The "eternal optimist" of plants. To see one growing in a crack in a sidewalk is worth a whole book of philosophy. Bill Van Houten (USA Ret)

  • I have to agree. When the topic first came up, I was thinking about kudzu but it has such a negative image. So too, did the dandelion, I thought, until I considered Anne's persuasive argument and other's additions to it. Maybe we should get Op Foot locker and other folks to set up some kind of formal adoption of the dandelion, and create a nice insignia to represent it. That way we could begin to make our fraternal organization a little more organized. Maybe even add a motto "Carpe Dandilionus" or something! <g> Susan

    • Yikes! This thing is taking off, kinda like, ...oh, I don't know...A DANDELION!!! Or a Military Brat. Give a brat an idea and WHAM! It goes! Okay. Who, among us, is a graphic designer? And Marc & Gene, you guys are organizing things, what should we do next?

  • The last time I saw this sort of thing happen was on the AOL brats forum and we wound up with the Footlocker. Harmon

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From Rae Shue Blalack

The great thing about dandelions is that, even though they are considered a "weed", they do not take nutrients from their surroundings. Dandelions do not dare to be the submissive plant, nor the dominant plant. They live as equals in their surroundings. Look at the grass around the dandelion. Is it not just as green as it was before? The grass and the dandelion live side by side. When a dandelion is plucked and a wish is made as the seeds are tenderly blown, the seeds float on the wind, finding a new home. There, the seeds find a new home and flourish, living side by side with their new neighbors. Only a dandelion can understand another dandelion and the journey the dandelion has been on. That is the military BRAT. And it is why we adopted the dandelion as the official flower of BRATs and why we are standing up against a civilian mother and daughter duo who wish to rebrand us. Only BRATs know what other BRATs endure and feel. Only BRATs understand. No matter how many degrees a civilian holds, the BRAT life us one that one MUST live...MUST experience to fully understand. BRATs will, like we are trained, help other BRATs...unnoticed and unheralded. After all, it is our "job".

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