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Military Brat Memorials

Below is the list of memorial pages for Military Brats and teachers who have passed away. Click the names to view the pages. If you would like a memorial page added for a Military Brat or teacher, please send us the information and it will get posted as soon as possible. There are no charges involved.


Charlie Andrews (class of 1957)
John Darrel Baergen
Harry Bacheler
William Bailey
Kimberly Dawn Balderson (Rose)
Vivian Carol Bray Belcher (Teacher)
Garry Billman
David Wayne Bray
John Brokaw
Dudley M. Brown
John Ross Byrd
Janet Butler Norris (Raatz)
Mary Cakiades (Teacher)
Francis (Frank) P. Callahan
Virginia Chaplin
Tom Clinard
Maverick Collier
Rick Collins
John Denver
Diana Lee (Derbort) Shaw
John Diesem
Patricia Welsh Digristina
Lorna Donaldson
John "Jay" Eiseman
Richard Kent Farley
Robert H. Feldman
Brenda Fisher
Donna Gaudreau Shirk Knecht
Richard Dale Gawne
Troy Gilbert
Bob Hanks (teacher)
Victoria Hayes Bayne
Andrew Hill
Ysobel Wright Hirsch
Michael G. Hough
Kenneth Michael Howell
Carol Hudiburg Hitt
Michael Jackson (Mannheim Class 1975)
William W. Jacobsen, Jr.
Mary Ann Johnson
Dennis E. Kirwan
Frederick "Fritz" Kunze
Paul Charles Larkin
Bette Ann Laviner-Poturich
Kathryn Marie Laviner-Lynch
Ken Lindbloom
Anne Marie Lynch
Gloria Lynch Uchida
Barbara Marcus Economos
June McDaniel
Susan Maritzen McInnis
Michael McGinty
Bill Moloney
William Moreman
Cynthia Jean Freed-Morgan
Wallace Nelson
Leif Nott
Kathy Odietis Hammond
Daniel G. Parker
Richard Perry
Ron Pugh
Mark Alan Ray
Wendy Oswell Twomey
Ernest J. Owen
Barbara Ann (Parnham) Schnaubelt
Homer I. (Jay) Price, Jr.
Dave Shephard
Judy Ann Smith
Karen Ruth Smith-Vose
Jay Spindler
Bruce Taylor
Raymond R (Robby) Tomczyk
L. Cpl Dennis J. Veater
Laura M. Walker
Thea Maria Williams (Smith)
Scott Wise
Hiram Michael Wolfe IV, Capt USA
Lonnie Alan Wood
Marion L. "Mike" Wyatt
Linda Yetter Irvine
Bob Zangas

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